New works on paper: Ink paintings and short stories



Solo exhibition, Extensions of a No-Place (Artist books), Gallery 9, Sydney, 2013:



Group exhibition, Low Relief, Daminen Minton Gallery, Sydney, 2013:

Photo by Alex Wisser


Group exhibition, The Art & Australia Collection, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney, 2013:



Group project, Instant 42, Taipei, 2013:



Group exhibition, New Waves of NPM, National Palace Museum, Tainan, 2013:



Solo exhibition, Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, 2013:



Group exhibition, Middle Head: 33°50’S, 151°14’E, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, 2013:




Collaborative Exhibition with Belem Lett, Digital Art Centre (Taipei), Rearview (Melbourne), Sawtooth (Launceston), 2013:



Group exhibition, Instant 42, Taipei, 2013:



Solo exhibition, Firstdraft, Sydney, 2013:




Solo exhibition, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, 2013:



Group exhibition, Speculative Spaces, Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, 2013:



Group exhibition, A3 A Tois, Instant 42, Taipei, 2013:



Solo project, Extensions of a No-Place (Undoing), Alaska Projects, 2012:



Group exhibition, The Third Landscape, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney, 2012:



Group exhibition, Cloud Cities, Delmar Gallery, Sydney, 2012:



Solo exhibition, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney 2012:



Solo exhibition, Extensions of a No-Place, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney, 2012:


Collaborative residency with Heath Franco, Serial Space, Sydney, 2011:


Group exhibition, Pirate Utopias, Index Space, Sydney, 2011:



Group exhibition, Second Nature, The Papermill, Sydney, 2011:



Solo exhibition, Mountain Drawing (the first time I felt at home), Kudos Gallery, Sydney, 2011:



Inaugural group exhibition, The Paper Mill, Sydney, 2010:



Solo exhibition, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney, 2010:



Solo exhibition, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney 2009:

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