The mountain without the words

Solo exhibition - Opens Wednesday 27th August, 2014

Gallery 9, Sydney







Wondermountain, group exhibition curated by Joanna Bayndrian, Penrith Regional Gallery, 1 March - 25 May 2014

Exhibited artists: Svetlana Bailey, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, Shoufay Derz, Aesha Henderson, Hua Tunan, Li Ming, Liu Yuan, Jamie North, Peter Nelson, Philjames, Wang Zhibo, Jason Wing, Yang Yongliang

Photo by Adam Hollingworth




New works on paper: Ink paintings and short stories



Solo exhibition, Extensions of a No-Place (Artist books), Gallery 9, Sydney, 2013:



Group exhibition, Low Relief, Daminen Minton Gallery, Sydney, 2013:

Photo by Alex Wisser


Group exhibition, The Art & Australia Collection, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney, 2013:



Group project, Instant 42, Taipei, 2013:



Group exhibition, New Waves of NPM, National Palace Museum, Tainan, 2013:



Solo exhibition, Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, 2013:



Group exhibition, Middle Head: 33°50’S, 151°14’E, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, 2013:




Collaborative Exhibition with Belem Lett, Digital Art Centre (Taipei), Rearview (Melbourne), Sawtooth (Launceston), 2013:



Group exhibition, Instant 42, Taipei, 2013:



Solo exhibition, Firstdraft, Sydney, 2013:




Solo exhibition, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, 2013:



Group exhibition, Speculative Spaces, Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, 2013:



Group exhibition, A3 A Tois, Instant 42, Taipei, 2013:



Solo project, Extensions of a No-Place (Undoing), Alaska Projects, 2012:



Group exhibition, The Third Landscape, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney, 2012:



Group exhibition, Cloud Cities, Delmar Gallery, Sydney, 2012:



Solo exhibition, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney 2012:



Solo exhibition, Extensions of a No-Place, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney, 2012:


Collaborative residency with Heath Franco, Serial Space, Sydney, 2011:


Group exhibition, Pirate Utopias, Index Space, Sydney, 2011:



Group exhibition, Second Nature, The Papermill, Sydney, 2011:



Solo exhibition, Mountain Drawing (the first time I felt at home), Kudos Gallery, Sydney, 2011:



Inaugural group exhibition, The Paper Mill, Sydney, 2010:



Solo exhibition, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney, 2010:



Solo exhibition, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney 2009:

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