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Autosave: Redoubt


Historic site recreation made using Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Collaboration with Andrew Luk and Alexis Mailles

AUTOSAVE: REDOUBT (by Peter Nelson, Andrew Luk and Alexis Mailles) is a site-specific recreation of the WWII bunkers and tunnels of the Kowloon Peninsula, made as a playable map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This project critiques the use of 3D computer game technology for virtual archaeology. We argue that such technologies should not be mistaken for realistic or neutral, but should be understood as simulations of military vision. By recreating a site from WWII within one of the world’s most popular first person shooter computer games, we suggest that the ideology of the shooter game is implied within the vision of the 3D navigable space. By accurately reconstructing the architecture of this site, we tried to highlight how the confusing and perhaps dysfunctional architecture of this military site may actually have saved lives on both sides. By highlighting the points where the game cannot accurately reconstruct this site and its events, we challenge the term 'realism' that is applied to these sorts of computer games, which we believe are actually highly abstract.


[Group Exhibition] The Emerald City

K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong


[Group Exhibition] 6th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition

Offline Browser離線瀏覽

Hong-gah Museum, Taipei


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