Extensions of a No-Place (仇英)

Two channel animation with sound

This animation is based on a section of Qiu Ying’s scroll, Spring Morning in the Han Palace (漢宮春曉). It highlights the spatial structure of Chinese scroll painting, and it’s close relationship to isometric game systems such as Starcraft. My urban recreation is made using photographs taken in Taipei and Hong Kong; along with the Black Blue Bush (Maireana pyramidata) plants from Australia and various 3D modeled elements. Like Extensions of a No-Place (Wen Zhengming), this work creates a disjunctive narrative based on spatial exploration and interaction. In this video, I use a drag disguise to play the character of the courtesan. The transformation of my ethnicity and gender in this video directs attention towards the subjective/objective contradictions within cross-cultural study, as well as the performative nature of gender in the cosmopolitan environment. The left hand screen of the video shows my green screen studio in Taipei. This is a recreation of the self-referential device used by Qiu Ying, when he paints the image of Mao Yanshou (毛延壽) in the act of painting the portrait of Wang Zhaojun (王昭君).


[Solo Exhibition]

Taipei Artist Village, Taipei


[Group Exhibition] Othering: Realities in Landscape

Taipei Digital Art Centre, Taipei

Sawtooth Gallery, Hobart