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Extensions of a No-Place (drawings)


Mixed media on paper

(each panel measures 54 x 75cm)

Extensions of a No-Place — an imaginary world that the artist conjures through works on paper, sculptures, film and prose fiction consists of 36 connecting works on on paper that create a large scale, disjointed map of this imaginary realm. Extensions of a No-Place is an unplanned and borderless landscape that redefines itself as it expands and colonises new territory. This Cartesian wasteland proposes ‘infinite’ territory – a tautology that contradicts conventional strategies of landscape imaging. The approach to fabricating this world passes through various aesthetic systems of landscape construction, including Chinese literati painting, the picturesque, utopian architectural designs and Real Time Strategy computer games. The picturesque garden, the Chinese landscape, the Utopian proposition and Starcraft maps all thrive within some form of spatial restriction (a property boundary, the edge of a picture, the wall or coast that separates the Utopia from the reader and the impermeable boundary of the game map). As each narrative splinters, diffuses and exhausts itself I import other approaches, or optimistically recycle old strategies. Extensions of a No-Place is as an end-game construction where landscape elements are continually imported and arranged to maintain this player’s faith that a unified narrative will eventually coalesce.

[Solo Exhibition]

Flinders Street Gallery

Sydney, 2012

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