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Mountain Drawing


Large scale Plexiglas sculpture

Plein air drawings of mountains

Mountain Drawing (the first time I felt at home) is a large-scale Perspex sculpture and a series of plein air drawings on which it was based. The drawings were completed during a 2009 study tour of China’s Hunan and Guanxi provinces, and later became the primary source material for this sculpture that was developed in 2010. This exhibition was inspired by urban architectural designs as well as organic geological formations (particularly the karst limestone peaks of Southern China).

The large transparent sculpture is a 3-dimentional reconstruction based on sketches of natural mountain formations. In translating these drawings into sculptural form, the addition of template shapes derived from limestone crystallography allowed a variation of angles and shapes throughout the construction, whilst maintaining consistency from the smallest angles to the elevation of the entire structure.

[Solo Exhibition]

Kudos Gallery

Sydney, 2011

hunan 16.jpg
hunan 11.jpg
hunan 15.jpg
hunan 9.jpg
hunan 10.jpg
hunan 6.jpg
hunan 8.jpg
guanxi 6.jpg
dehang 8.jpg
dehang 22.jpg
dehang 9.jpg
dehang 13.jpg
dehang 3.jpg
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