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I design, plan and manage creative technology projects. In each project, I contribute hard skills in 3D modeling, 3D printing,  animating, and game prototyping, and soft skills in project conceptualization, managing the team, and writing publications. Here are some recent projects with external links to their decks.


In collaboration with Dr. Roberto Alonso Trillo, I designed and constructed a cross-functional research laboratory in Hong Kong. We co-authored a successful funding application, and designed an equipment suite for machine learning, surround sound editing, VR, 3D design, and 3D printing. I designed the laboratory and its modular furniture so that it could be physically reconfigured to facilitate new research projects on a daily basis.

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 10.34.03 am.png

Descendent is a performance for violin, dance and motion capture. It also integrates a motion synthesis algorithm that allows the dancer to perform with a digital version of herself, which generates new movements based on what it has learned from the unique style of this particular dancer (Singaporean dancer Sudhee Liao). This project was developed in collaboration with Dr Roberto Alonso Trillo and Dr Chen Jie.

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 4.11.59 pm.png

TreeGAN is a research project examining how machine learning might be integrated into 3D artistic pipelines. We explored a number of examples where generative adversarial networks can be trained on 3D datasets to produce new 3D objects and published trained models online for others to use. We also synthesised two new datasets - one of 3D trees based on art historical references and one of ruins, based on a simple randomised array made in Blender. This deck describes the process of the project and previews 


My Ph.D research project was an examination of the form and function of computer game landscapes. This was a three-year funded project that I conducted between City University Hong Kong and IT University Copenhagen. The results of this research can be read across a number of academic publications on this website and an upcoming monograph to be published by Palgrave MacMillan.

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