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The Clockwork Man

Animation with sound

The Clockwork Man always announces his arrival. The Clockwork Man imposes orders and structures on Extensions of a No-Place rabble. The Clockwork Man, unfortunately, is a visionary. His gaze projects a better organisation. There is a chain of causality in his impositions, where the organisation of the insignificant past-times of the rabble, will lead to a benefit that he will share with them all. The rabble will be better off for the impositions. The Clockwork Man understands this transition. The Clockwork Man will impose his vision.

The Rabble, does not exist. This collection of characters has been generalised by the gaze of the Clockwork Man, made subconsciously, into the disorganisation that would perfectly fit his plan of organisation. The implications of this simple generalisation isolate and expose the impositions of The Clockwork Man. The Clockwork Man's subject all of a sudden has no object. The suit is tailored for a man who does not exist, and is all of a sudden a small pile of fabric on the floor.


My sincere thanks to David Capra for donating the short performance that became The Clockwork Man.


[Solo Exhibition]

Organhaus Art Space

Chongqing, 2013

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