The Data Stones

Experimental data visualisation/data occlusion

3D printing, animation, augmented reality

Data Stones explores the overlap of Chinese and European philosophies offered by data visualisation. Computer generated imagery relies on mathematics to create natural forms such as mountains and rocks, where fractal algorithms are used to translate the forces of geomorphology into cinematic images. This represents a meeting point between Taoist philosophies of immanence and Western optical mimesis – the invisible forces behind a stone have been used to produce something for the realism of a camera. Chinese scholar stones function as an analogy of the forces that shape existence – by contemplating these rocks, we can stare into forces that are usually too vast for us to perceive. A database of every message sent between two people, accumulated through the regular internet usage is transformed into a computer generated rock. In contemplating these stones, we hope to crystallise our thoughts, and finds ourselves, staring back.

Sound by Tom Smith []

Big thanks to Alexis Mailles


[Conference Exhibition]  ISEA 2019,

Art Center Nabi, Korea, 22nd - 28th June 2019.

[Conference Exhibition] SIGGRAPH ASIA, Tokyo International Forum, 4-7th December, 2018

[Private Event], Yaji, Curated by Johnson Chang, Suzhou, 2018.

[Group Exhibition] Liminal Encounters

- Exhibition with the Asia Society, Hong Kong, 5th Nov 2018 - 26 Jan 2019

Asia Society Hong Kong, 2018

Private Event,Yaji, Curated by Johnson Chang, Suzhou, 2018

ISEA, Art Centre Nabi, Gwangju Korea, 2019

When Artists Enter The Factories, Brooklyn Army Terminal, New York City, 2019.