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The Stone Buildings

Recycled Plexiglas Sculptures

3D printed ceramic

Projected animation

The Stone Buildings is an installation of four Plexiglas sculptures. In these works the artist is speculating on what sort of buildings might exist within Extensions of a No-Place. These haphazard structures are a meditation on utopian architecture and Chinese scholar stones. In this exhibition, Nelson positions these two historical examples as dual attempts to depart from reality into an imaginary world.

Projected through the sculptures and onto the walls are videos in which inhabitants of Extensions of a No-Place wander endlessly, diffracted throughout the transparent Plexiglas. The films are projected onto small ceramic objects, which are suspended inside the sculptures. These dull green sculptures reference Yuan dynasty celadon ceramics that were made by Chinese artists as an homage to jade stone. Using computer graphics and 3D printing, Nelson’s ceramics have been painstakingly modeled after paintings from the Yuan dynasty, to confound the relationship between the natural, the handmade, and the industrial product.


[Solo Exhibition] [Link]

Mosman Art Gallery

Sydney, 2012

[Solo Exhibition]

Flinders Street Gallery

Sydney, 2012

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