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Walking simulator artwork

Trench is an interactive media artwork that creates a landscape of sensation. It is a labyrinthine no-place created with the digital mimesis of 3D sculpting, photographic displacement modelling and animation. The player encounters a series of sculptural apparitions, each engaged in their own ritualised inhabitation of the landscape. Some of them walk together, whispering fragments of their own stories. Some of them guard corners of the trench, as they disassemble themselves and caress the rocky walls. As the game escalates, the player can seek to escape from the trench, or eventually be killed by the other inhabitants. Both escape and death return the player to the start of the Trench.

[Group Exhibition] Häxan, Papay Gyro Nights Festival

Bergen, 2018

[Group Exhibition] The Kinetik Museum

- Hong Kong 2017

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